A little language school, full resort.

About ten years ago, I fell in love with Bali and came to school a few times, and i felt that I needed Indonesian, so I didn't go on my own and went to a language school for a week.

I stayed at the seaside resort Sanur for the school transfer range.I stayed at the "Risanour Homestay" run by my Japanese wife for a little more money.It was a maisonette type with a kitchen, the first floor was a kitchen and the second floor was a bedroom and a bathroom, so it was very comfortable.I tried not to watch it as much as possible and to move away from local programs and Japanese.Breakfast was not included, so I was able to shop and make and buy it myself, so I could stay there to live there.The reason for this decision is still safety.My wife is Japanese.Because the room is also built on the site with the main building, it is able to go immediately if there is something, and it is feeling like having really returned to my house at home because it is not a big place.

It's Sanur, so a walk on the beach is a must.In addition, beach yoga is held almost every morning, and yoga is done for about an hour for free.The language is Indonesian, so i don't know the instructions, but I saw the people around me and moved.There are Westerners and travelers in the local area, and i was able to do casual yoga.There are some yoga mats that can be rented at the inn, so I rented a bicycle and went to get up early.There are some yoga facilities, but free beach yoga is recommended.Some of the teachers had dreadlocks called Johnny, a yoga teacher and singer, and i don't think he was a yoga teacher because of his physique, but he was a yoga teacher.On the way back from yoga, there are parents and children selling handmade crepons along the beach.It is delicious with a firm texture.Also, I buy a morning jam by Pasar.At first, I didn't know what it tasted like, so I tried to make it the same as the woman I bought in front of me.That's the right answer, and i'd like to have the same mix every time.I bought jam in Bali and lot, but I like Sanur's Pasar Eve jam.

It may not be necessary if you stay in a large hotel for a short period of time, but when it comes to self-catering for a long stay, i bring powdered brown tea every time.I love balinese food and it's okay, but I sometimes miss the taste of a spicy Japanese style, and it's ok to have instant miso soup, but it's good when i want to drink a little tea instead of tea.Bali has more free Wi-Fi than in Japan, so you can get a lot of information, so you can see events in the area.I'm doing FB, so i'll get an announcement there.In addition, information of people who are staying in the same way is very helpful.Information and word of mouth from Westerners and local Balinese people are also important, not only for Japanese people to get to know on the road.

Whether you go on vacation, learn a language, go for beach resorts or shopping, or go for a long period of time to live, Bali is a tourist destination and although it is relatively safe, you have to protect yourself from a foreign country.When you tighten your mind, please relax by setting up an environment where you can relax when you want to relax.In Bali, there are many places where price negotiations are decided in supermarkets and other places.If you don't write a market or price, try to enjoy negotiating.Japanese travelers are very bullish, so let's stick without losing.Because the same thing varies by the shop, the guardian ity is also important.However, if there is something you like, it is the amount of money that the business meeting is approved by the amount of money that I am convinced of.It is often said that it is a rip-off, but I think it is good to reflect that there was a vague point of myself, and not to repeat the same mistake.Also, if you're not used to money, i think the exchange is a problem.If you don't use it right away because the rate is bad at the airport, i think you should exchange the hotel for a better rate in the city for a minimum of 1,000 yen.Then where is it?I think that, i think you should change the hotel in this and firm shop setting and no commission to see the rate because there are various in the city or ask the day person of the hotel.It is not to go to the mystery cousin who is making a very good figure even if it makes a mistake.It is not necessary to count the bill received by all means on the spot by oneself though it is not possible to get used to this either.Because there are a lot of people who meet the damage by this, the other party distracts while talking and cheats quickly.Please note that it is like magic.Nevertheless, I came to Bali with great pains, so I hope you will enjoy it.I think it's better to leave one or two things you want to do so that you want to come again.It's for the next fun.