Trip to Bali where everyone is very happy with their family

About a week in the middle of January about ten years ago

I stayed at the Padma Hotel in Kuta.The reason why I chose this hotel was because it was gorgeous but the room rates were reasonable, and it was a cottage-style hotel, so for all four families, we could rent a separate cottage and we could protect our privacy, so we thought it was easy to get back and forth between each other and it was very convenient.There was also a place called Kuta, and there was an area lined with lively shops, beautiful beaches, and there were temples in the walking area, so it was possible to explore the area close to the hotel.I then hired a guide to ask for a tour, but the location was very smooth and fortunate.On a family trip, some of the members were elderly and young, but overall, it was a trip that everyone could be satisfied with across generations.Especially the elderly parents were able to talk about this trip to Bali for many years now because the hotel was wide and the plants were growing rich and it was a lot of fun to take a walk.

I was able to go sightseeing all over Bali because I was able to hire a local guide in private and he was dedicated to it.When I told them about their requests, they offered a plan that was appropriate for them, and they scheduled the elderly in a friendly way, and gave us a relaxed time allocation so that each tourist attraction could have plenty of time to stay.Nevertheless, the members of this team were curious and asked me to do this too, so i didn't get bored during the tour and incorporated the events one after another, so it was a very fulfilling trip.It was one of the highlights of the balinese dance stage.I was fascinated by the colorful costumes and shapes, enjoying the dance and the play, immersed in balinese music that made me feel nostalgic.We also had a lot of delicious evening meals, but we chose seafood ingredients ourselves and asked them to make them by specifying how to cook them, and the restaurant was very satisfying because there were some members who were fussy about seafood.We also included a dinner cruise on the ship, which was also a beautiful sunset, and we were able to listen to music and dance on board, and have had a great time across generations.Souvenirs were mostly stylish shops within walking distance of the hotel and small shops run by local people, while actually exchanging katakoto words, and while careful not to make any mistakes in the change, we calculated the exchange rate by ourselves, and each of them shopped.This was very fun, and the value of the currency was different, so it seemed to have been fun including the difference in prices when the rupi was converted into yen.I also enjoyed shopping quite a bit, like a street stall in a town where the guide recommended me, bought some juice at a market where only locals would come, eat fish and fruit, and look at balinese costumedolls and hair ornaments, and buy what I liked.

I didn't do much pre-research on Bali, but the guide i mentioned earlier was researching a lot of things, so I had a lot of questions for him.It was more humid than I had thought beforehand, so it might have been better to think more about the heat countermeasures, especially for the elderly members, but the hotel staff helped me with a lot of care.As a travel convenience goods, the cord and the laundry scissors that can dry laundry, or a small drying?Laundry was dried, and this was convenient.I used to go to the pool and the sea, and because it was hot and I often washed clothes and towels, I was able to use them conveniently with these goods that i took it with me to hang them and to hang them out with handkerchiefs and underwear, which was difficult to do with the small things such as handkerchiefs and underwear.

As advice for those who are going to Bali from now on, first of all, you should check the climate of the time of travel in Bali.In our case, i think that the heat measures were a little thin because i went without examining too much that the humidity was so high.Also, the most helpful part of this trip was that the local guide followed me on my own and the small shuttle bus used the same one for a long time, so if I could find a good guide in advance like this, i think it would be even more enjoyable.