Women's Journey!First time to explore Bali, sightseeing, gourmetfood, shopping and spa experience

A three-night stay in mid-March ten years ago.

We stayed at Ayana Resort and Spa in the Jimbaran area.Bali was lost because the atmosphere was different depending on the area, but it was close to the airport in Jimbaran, and it was easy to go to Kuta and Seminyak, and Ayana Resort was campaigning, so I decided to stay at the luxury resort hotel of my longing.
I actually stayed at the hotel, and when I got to the entrance of the hotel by car, I was able to feel very relieved when I checked the security at the gate.When I got out of my car and into the building, there was an open lobby with a view of the pool, and I remember feeling good about this hotel.
Overall, there was a sense of openness, chic making, and a calm atmosphere, and the rooms were also a place where three of us stayed in the resort view room, but there were 48 m² so we were able to relax without any problem even if i put an extra bed.
The staff at the hotel were very friendly and helpful, not to mention the staff who actually responded to us, but also the staff who were on the premises and just smiles and greeted us with a smile.
The breakfast was very good, but we stayed there for three nights, but we didn't get tired of it.
The hotel has one of the largest seating facilities in Bali, so we couldn't conquer all of the pools, but the main pool was an infinity pool, where Westerners read books by the pool and enjoyed sunbathing, and it was a blissful moment just to be floating in the water looking at the Indian Ocean.
However, after a while a Chinese couple came, and i started to go back and forth to practice the bata foot using the best place of scenery, so the atmosphere was ruined, but now it is a good memories.
Of course, there is also a private beach, and i use the shuttle bus of the hotel to go, but i missed a little bit because there was no one on the beach except us because other facilities were substantial or the timing was so by chance.
There was also a spa in the hotel.
It's also a spa and a famous Ayana resort, so we couldn't get the night of our choice and had time to make a reservation after we arrived, so it was lunch time.
Therefore, it is recommended that you make a spa reservation before you leave.
However, the spa is truly a spa in a luxury hotel, and like the luxurious space and hotel staff, everyone was very friendly and helpful, so i was very satisfied with the space and service.
However, the spa and the restaurant in the hotel were still reasonable, so I used the local shop outside the base hotel.
The basic taxi was used to get around the hotel.
I was travelling by taxi with a taxi at the front desk.
It is easy to go out to Kuta and Seminyak when it is a jimbaran, and I think that it was good because there were a lot of shopping and the restaurant etc. examined by the net and the guidebook beforehand.
Also, when I went back to the hotel, it was not difficult to catch a taxi in kuta or seminyak area, so I didn't have any problems.
The hotel's facilities, service and location made the hotel very satisfying.

I don't do much sightseeing, but I chartered a taxi for one day and went to Ubud.It seemed to be difficult to move by myself in Ubud when I examined it beforehand, so I went to charter it, but it was still correct.Some people often rent a bicycle in Ubud, but it's hot and hot, so it's a good idea to take a taxi charter even if you're a little expensive to enjoy sightseeing.
In Ubud, we went to the classic Monkey Forest, Ubud Palace, Neka Museum and rice terrace that I really wanted to go to.
The weather was good on the day we went, the greenery was beautiful, and we had lunch while looking at the rice terrace, so it was very good.There are several restaurants and cafes with views of the terrace, so it's a good idea to have lunch or have a cup of tea.
Ubud is quite different from the beach area we're staying in, and because it's inland, it's green and doesn't seem to be the same Bali.It takes more than an hour one way from the beach area, but i would like you to come in bali once.
In fact, my friend of bali repeater sat in Bali to stay in Ubud in Ubud rather than a return er in Bali, but I found that feeling.I also liked the place very nicely so that I strongly thought that I would definitely stay in Ubud if there was going to be another one.
I went sightseeing to Ubud, but i enjoyed shopping mainly.Especially in the area of Seminyak, there were a lot of fashionable small shops, so it was fun to just look around one by one, and at the local supermarket, I bought the original sambal and shrimp sen, which is essential for the classic scattered souvenirs and Balinese dishes, and i ate them by myself and handed them out to my friends.
In addition, Bali is famous spa to be called a spa heaven, and because there are a lot of shops, I received it several times in a local shop.
Especially recommended is the night of the last day, if you get a foot massage before going to the airport, you can get tired and relax, so it is easy to sleep overnight after that.

The hotel in Bali was helpful at the site of "King of Bali".
Because it was a site of the travel agency, the hotel information was on the page precisely, so it was very helpful.

It was not when I went, but it is to be able to use the smartphone in the locale by using the sim card or rental wifi by all means now.Bali, which has poor public transport ation as well as collecting information, offers more options for grabbing taxis and Bluebird taxis.