Longing Borobudur

I stayed for four nights in July 2012.

I stayed in Seminyak in Bali.
The reason is that i wanted to stay in a place where it was lively, enjoyed the meal in various restaurants, and had a good access to the tourist attraction than a peaceful place like Ubud.
Moreover, I thought that there was little uneasiness in the town walking because the security was comparatively good.
In fact, I was tired from sightseeing during the stay, so I didn't have the motivation to enjoy walking around the city or walking on the beach. The staff were very friendly and helpful.
When I walked around the city a little bit, there were many shops and restaurants, and I felt like a gorgeous resort.
The location was very good.
The villa you have stayed in is Maya Sayang Seminyak.
I didn't use myself to travel abroad, so I got the information that there was a staff member who could speak Japanese, so I thought it would be a relief to be here.
I also wanted to enjoy a relaxing private time in Bali with a smaller villa than a large hotel.
The receptionist was very friendly and helpful.
The rooms have a private pool and the cleaning was clean.The water was cold, so personally I didn't enjoy the pool itself very much. The atmosphere was perfect.
The bedroom was spacious and comfortable.When you go to bed, close the curtains on the canopy and sleep like an aristocratic bedroom. I was able to taste the extraordinary feeling.
The staff came to the room to prepare breakfast, but the pear goren was also delicious and the fruit was very good.
As room service, I asked for a massage once every day, but this was also very comfortable, very good to heal the legs and waist tired from sightseeing.
I stayed in a comfortable villa, so I wishI had spent more time in my room.

Originally, the purpose of bali tourism was to travel to Java and visit the Borobudur ruins, so personally, the tourist destination recommended for me was Borobudur.I went aboard the Lion Air.In Java, we asked a guide who could speak local Japanese to accompany us and guide us.Sometimes, there were local people trying to sell things, but they were able to act with peace of mind.
Since Borobudur is a Buddhist sanctuary, he was given a thin cloth to hide his legs to refrain from exposure (because my companion was shorts and I was a knee-high one piece).
The ruins were wider and the steps were more wide than I had imagined, so the ups and downs were quite tight.However, I was impressed to see the reliefs of the stooges and many murals lined up in an orderly fashion.
The guide taught me the meaning of the mural at a key point, so I could understand the religious meaning, and it was a good memory to take pictures of us in various places.
The view from the top of the ruins was wonderful, and when I looked at the mountains in the distance, I felt very peaceful.The warm weather and the extraordinary views of Java brought us peace of mind.
I didn't buy any souvenirs, so I thought i'd like to look around for souvenirs next time, such as local art products.

When I went sightseeing in Bali, I bought a general tourist book at a bookstore, but after all, I asked the villa for a guide in the area.
Because the sun was hard, tanning measures such as sunglasses and a big hat of the collar were necessary.Because there was considerably a step in the Borobudur ruins, it is easy to move, and thought that it is convenient to go in pants style rather than a skirt.I recommend sneakers, not shoes, such as mules.I think that it is good to take not only short sleeves but also the thing which can be put on at night such as a cardigan.

I made a plan to visit various tourist attractions this time, but I personally thought that it would have been better to plan a comfortable schedule if you want to stay in a nice villa or hotel, such as setting up a relaxing day in a villa if you want to heal while in Bali.
Of course, it might be still good for the person who likes to go around various sightseeing spots actively… Whether it's sightseeing or relaxing, i should have decided on the direction a little more and then planned my stay.During the sightseeing, I decided to make it comfortable to wear sneakers and pants style, and to perfect the tanning measures.
I went without much research on the local restaurant information, so I couldn't enjoy Bali in terms of gourmet food, so there seem to be a lot of nice restaurants, so next time I'd like to go to see what kind of delicious restaurants are in the vicinity of my accommodation and near tourist attractions.