Bali travel actively in the sea and mountains

I went there around summer 2017.I think that it was two nights, three days, three nights, four days.

I stayed at Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali in southeastern Bali.The hotel was able to see the sea, the beach was very close, and the room was very clean and clean.
Not only Japanese but also chinese people were few, and there seemed to be a lot of People of the Europe and America descent.The staff were very friendly and helpful.The staff were very friendly and helpful.I don't think you'll get tired of it because it can be eaten in many places in the hotel if you apply for it all-inclusive.
We had a good time drinking in the pool bar from daytime.There was also a music and dance show like the traditional local performing arts at night.
I was worried that the location of the traffic might not be good because it was geographically like the tip of a narrow cape, but the tour bus came nearby, and there was no big complaint.You can also buy a small shop nearby if you buy a little drink.The downtown area is far away with a souvenir shop, a restaurant, and other large shops, so you may find it inconvenient.When I went to a massage shop with a spa, I was caught in a big traffic jam, and the time was slower than scheduled.

I booked the hosliding experience before leaving the country.Is there only a route to bypass via the airport?it took longer than expected to get there.When we arrived, the atmosphere was quite different from the south side of Bali, and the forest swelled with nature.There was a staff member who could speak Japanese, so i was relieved that I was able to ask questions about my questions.The staff who followed me while i was riding a horse seemed to be a little worried for my family because they seemed to only speak English.We also rode elephants in the same facility.This one is fixed like a chair, and i'm just sitting there, but I enjoyed the powerful shaking.Because there was a people who put water on the way, it is necessary to be careful.Maybe he kept us away because we had cameras.
I went on a marine sports tour by local reservation.I experienced parasailing in the form of choosing what I wanted to ride from the menu.The weather was nice and the sea was very beautiful, so I really enjoyed the scenery and the wind i felt on my skin.Because I had examined it in advance in the word of mouth site, etc., even if there was a part that i was not good at English and did not understand the explanation, it became somehow.There seemed to be a tour which was able to go to the cruise from the hotel.I wanted to apply if i have a chance next time.
I also went to a surfing class nearby.I thought it was a safe haz because i had a reservation from the hotel, but i felt that it was not possible to say that the facilities were not enough, such as there was only a changing room for women like a small trader, and the shower room was dirty, and i felt whether it failed.The teacher could only speak English, but he was a student who taught hard, so the classroom itself was good.I was a complete beginner, but i was able to take a picture of the place where I was riding like it.Of course, the photograph is an extra charge.
As a souvenir, I bought a standard coconut oil at DFS.At first, I went on a beach walk, but i was tired of looking around because there were so many things.My wife seemed to enjoy it.

I put the electronic version of the guidebook aruco and smartphone and i was referring.The book is recommended in the overseas travel not limited to Bali how to keep the size that it is easy to carry, and to add information with the electronic book of the smartphone.Google maps map is also convenient, but I think that the space is more convenient when you want to see the whole quickly.
I didn't use the app, but I checked the reviews of tour applications such as TripAdvisor quite a bit.Google Maps word of mouth was also helpful.It is convenient because it can explain it to the taxi driver.
To be able to use the smartphone of every day overseas, or to keep contracting a flat-rate plan, i have to purchase a sim card for overseas.I used to rent a mobile wi-fi at the airport, but it's inconvenient to use it for family sharing, so I want to reduce my luggage even a little, so I've stopped using it recently.
In addition, i always take sunglasses and insect repellent spray with out though it is safe.

Hotels and local tours, but there were surprisingly few places to understand Japanese, most of the communication has managed to use the google translation of the smartphone.
The price was good for booking a hotel in Expedia, but i regretted booking a transfer from the airport.Local travel agents have been arranged and this was terrible.There is no contact even after the transfer time, and if i urge you in poor English, it is more than an hour than scheduled, or if you do not say anything to the localIt was a ride, and the luggage was handled in a miscellaneous, and it was scattered anyway.I only had to pick up a taxi from the airport.