Bali easy by direct flight

I went there for a week in March 2019.We went directly to Garuda Indonesia, so we arrived at the site in the evening, had dinner on the beach in Jimbaran, and went to the hotel.Direct flights are recommended because you can spend a meaningful time without just moving from the first day.

I stayed in Ubud, an art village in the middle of Bali.Even if it is said the village, it seems to have changed from a long time ago, and there is a big supermarket and a convenience store, too and it was a little downtown.I chose Ubud instead of the beach area because it is packed with the size of the city and the way to enjoy it.We stayed at Ubud Restari Bungalow, a short side street from Monkey Forest Street.The owner's wife is Japanese, so we were able to make reservations in Japanese, so we were very relieved.The alley that follows the inn is very quiet without the sound of the car because it enters the back from the main street though the car does not enter in the width that the person and the person pass each other.It has a secluded atmosphere and a small entrance, but the grounds extend to the back and there is also a pool.We stayed on the second floor of the building at the back of the pool, with air conditioning and tv, very clean and well-mannered room, and the tension has been rising since we checked in.Although it is located in the middle of Ubud, you can enjoy the view of the rice field, the location is very convenient to walk out to the center of Ubud.There was a convenience store nearby when i went to the main street, and there was a starbucks if I walked a little.The staff were very friendly and helpful.

The charm of Ubud is that you can enjoy many ways to enjoy it, so you can get to Ubud Palace when you walk north from the inn to the main street.There are Balinese dance performances here at night, but if you're lucky in the daytime, you can see local kids practicing Balinese dancing.The dancers are teaching the teachers who i watched in the daytime, and at night they were standing on stage wearing shiny make-up and glittering costumes like someone else.From the Royal Palace, you will find Ubud Market on the main street.There are a lot of souvenirs of Southeast Asia, and you can enjoy it just by looking around.Most of the market is not priced, so if you like something, you start negotiating with the clerk.Because i say the price of the high price roughly, it is a feeling to settle down in the meantime starting from about half price.What I want to note here is to enjoy it with a smile, thinking that it is the real pleasure of traveling to the end.Because the other party also hangs life, it is disliked seriously if sticking it out at a too low price.Let's keep it to the point where we can exchange smiles and enjoy each other.
There are many stalls around the market, like a blue sky market, but there are many fashionable shops in Ubud.One of the most recommended for a walk is Gautama Street, which is one of the main streets east and one of hanoman streets.It was a quiet residential area a few years ago, but there are many narrow and unique shops on both sides of the paved road that can pass by one car.There are many small and tasty cafes and dining halls, and it is crowded with long-term Westerners.From 6pm, it becomes a pedestrian street, and standing on a busy street where Westerners come and go, it's as if you've come to a city in Europe that's not Bali.The best part of this street is linggamBali, a t-shirt shop.It is a small shop that seems to be missed, but it is on the west side before entering Gautama street from the main street, going south and bumping into Dewisita Street.There is a straw-like eaves in front of the shop.This is an original T-shirt and a general goods shop, and there is a T-shirt of the pattern of balinese who queues up with babigrin or sloth, and the offering, and it is recommended for the souvenir and myself because the cloth is good unlike the cheap T-shirt of perapera often sold in the stall.We bought a Balinese dog eco bag and sloth tote bag in addition to a T-shirt.Whether the eco-measures are more advanced than In Japan in Bali, because you can not get a plastic bag even if you shop at the supermarket, this bag was very active during your stay.
In the evening, we watched live gamelan and Balinese dancing at the Royal Palace.Gamelan was a brilliant performance that i didn't think was human skill, and it made me feel like i was in a different world.

Bali Navi, bali king's site was helpful.Because there are a lot of mosquitoes, and there are a lot of open-air places such as the restaurant, insect repellent goods are indispensable.It is safe to keep itching.

Since you can't get a plastic bag at the supermarket, you should keep an eco bag.Because the power plug is different, the plug of the Indonesia correspondence is needed for the charge of the cellular phone.I can't drink tap water, but aqua mineral water is sold here and there.Because there is wifi here and there than Japan, the net environment was maintained, but it is safe to rent wifi by yourself because it was hard to connect the radio wave in the place where there are a lot of people such as before Ubud Palace.