Bali trip to touch the gentleness of the person

April 2019.It was a stay of four nights and five days.

The hotel was a hotel in Ubud because I booked it with a cheap tour of HIS.I'm sorry for the hotel name, but I don't remember.Because it was a cheap hotel, it was not very dirty, but there were some points to be worried about when I looked at it from a woman's point of view such as a restroom and a bathroom. However, there was a thing near Ubud, and there were a lot of nature, and it was a very hot time, but it was very pleasant.

The most wanted to see was sunset.We went to Uluwatu Temple.I couldn't see the sunset in Japan, so I was really impressed by the sunset from the promenade along the cliff.It was so beautiful that i couldn't get a word.Moreover, it is possible to see the scenery which cannot be tasted absolutely in Japan though this is recommended by car and it came to hear the recommendation of "Tabaran's rice terrace" that is recommended.The rice terraces on the green side are really wonderfuland moving.However, shoes which are hard to be tired are necessary because the distance to walk a little is long.I ate rice here, but it was not very tasty at a tourist price (but it's still cheap).Another thing i took was "Monkey Forest", a wild free-range monkey, and there were about 200 monkeys. Because it is really free keeping, it is essential to walk soon in the beginning is scared (laughs) and because there is a risk that various things are taken, the backpack etc. are strongly recommended to keep the fastener neatly without taking it off from the body.The big adult monkey scares me, but after all, the baby monkey was really cute and chesty.The person who went with me also liked coffee, so I definitely wanted to drink it when I went there.Is the cozy that bali usually drinks somehow?It was powdery and i didn't feel it was very tasty, but the jacquard coffee was flavorful and delicious.I got 500 yen a drink.Because it was a coffee farm, it was very enjoyable because I was able to see the scene and the facilities that I was actually making.(There was actually a jaco-cat, too.What I felt was delicious in the dishes was "pork roasted pork".This is really a cheap restaurant near the hotel, but it was the best on this trip to Bali!I didn't know it either, but it's like saying "Babigrin" and serving it to God.I put a lot of spices in the skin of the pig and the part of the soft meat which was burnt for a long time, too.Various parts of the pig like are piled up beautifully on rice.It was delicious and bad manners, and it mixed it in a mess at the end.The seasoning is different depending on the shop.I really ate at the end of the trip, so I wanted to eat more and more places if I knew it from the beginning.You might have eaten it every day!It was delicious.

I applied for his, but i didn't have much tour options.We searched by ourselves and booked a private taxi called "Baliyasi Tour" from the internet.It was 8,000 yen for a 12-hour course.I was taken to a place where I was not interested in silk shops or accessory shops on several occasions, but when I commented on it, I was taught the importance of thanking him again for being a very good driver.There is no money, but always feeling happy.I felt the wonderful ness of the service to do something to someone.Isn't it still a sweat wipe sheet and a disinfectant spray that you should take it with you?Bali in April was really hot.Because it was humid, I was very anxious to sweat and be sticky.It is natural, but because the hand wipe does not come out neatly like Japan, alcohol sheet, disinfectant spray, sheet, and tissue paper are also essential!There were a lot of paid restrooms according to the place that the restroom outside was not so beautiful, too.It might be a good idea to have some fine money.Moreover, the toothbrush which i did not think that there might be this time was not attached to the hotel . Because there are a lot of convenience stores, I was able to purchase it, but it is not better to take it.

I didn't think it was this hot (laughs) I felt that uniqlo's air rhythm was very good because it was a little bit different from the heat in Japan and it was a humid, damp and humid heat.Moreover, I do not think that it exceeds there is a lot of placewhere free WIFI passes because it did not go only to the one with little capacity pocket WIFI.I used the interpretation function really well.The guide was a good japanese speaker because he had studied abroad in Japan, so he was saved, but most people don't have the money to study in Japan because Bali is not so wealthy.Moreover, it is possible to take a bath in the place of Tiltumble Temple though the bathing suit was not able to be done this time.There is a holy fountain springing out of everything, and there is an effect of immortality.If you want to take a bath, you may want to bring a bathing suit as a change of clothes.