Nature-filled Bali trip

In February 2020, I went there for 4 nights and 6 days (with in-flight stays).Bali is in the rainy season.

On this trip, I wanted to spend a lot of time without leaving the hotel, so I stayed at The Ayana Resort and Spa in Jimbaran, which is not far from the airport.The hotel's pool and rock bar on the cliff were often given on Instagram as fashionable places to stay, and i was longing for a place to stay once.Three of the four nights and six days stayed in a room at Ayana Resort and Spa.The room and the bathroom were very large and beautiful, and i felt rich.The last night was staying at Ayana Resort Villas, which had a villa with a pool.Apart from the shower, there was a big bathtub, and the famous flower bath was given and it was a very Balinese room.There was also a private pool outside the room, so i was able to jump into the pool while looking at the sea.As an option for a travel agency, you can also make a floating first in a pool for those who stay at Villas.I was able to enjoy the unreal space while i ate it with insta-shine breakfast in the pool.The ayana resort was very large, so we used the bus and cart to get around.There were three pools, many restaurants and bars, and it was like a city.I was in the hotel for about four days, but I was able to enjoy it without getting tired.However, because it was a place next to nature, there were lizards and insects in the hotel and villa, so we had the hotel get rid of it.

As a sightseeing trip, we went to "Aloha Swing Ubud" in Ubud district for one day only.This place is also a place to take pictures in a large swing or bird's nest that you often see on Instagram, but there were a lot of big swings in the rice terraces peculiar to ubud.The staff put on the safety belt and the staff pushed the swing, but it was very thrilling and fun.It was said that i lent a smartphone even though I did not ask again, and took a beautiful photograph.There were few chinese people during our visit, and they took a lot of pictures because they were very free.At the time of the swing, it was very kind to take a slow motion video, and above all, the staff were fluent in Japanese.Sometimes they tell me jokes, so I really enjoyed it.You can also sample bali's famous jacquard coffee, and you can get souvenirs cheaply.I took a taxi i booked at a travel agency, but this driver is also very good at Japanese, and when I told him i wanted to buy a souvenir, he took me to a famous POD chocolate shop.POD chocolate may also be sold at the airport, but it is recommended that you can buy a lot of chocolates at the head office, or a small size chocolate for handing out as souvenirs.There were also many shops in the city, especially whether cloth products were famous or sold a lot of resort dresses.The caveat here is that the price tag is not originally attached to the sale.Or rather, the price is not attached, it is decided all by the negotiation of the shop and the customer.I was taught by the taxi driver, especially Japanese people will buy even if it is expensive, so i will be bought a dress that does not really do 1000 yen about 3,500 yen.I had heard about it, so I was able to buy a dress that was said to be 3,500 yen at first, up to 2,500 yen.From the driver's point of view, it was still out of value.In addition, it was available in Japan, but it was easy to get elips, t-shirts with many kinds, basket products, basket bags, etc. were cute.At the supermarket, I bought sweets that only disappear ed there, cup ramen and soap with a good aroma.However, i purchased the assortment of oil for the massage at the airport, but for some reason the oil became white and i couldn't use it.Be careful when you buy.

Almost everyone in Bali can speak Japanese.Especially, because the taxi driver and the clerk of the shop can talk almost, the translation machine etc. were not used so much.There are a lot of places to shine photos, so i don't think it's better to check them if there's a place where you want to take pictures.Even in the rainy season, the sun was very strong, so not only sunscreen, but also sunglasses and hats were useful.Moreover, the folding umbrella is necessary when sightseeing outside because the squall was terrible.Moreover, the tap water cannot be drunk like Japan.I think that it is better to keep the drink always because the temperature is also high.

I didn't suffer any damage to pickpockets, but I think the security will be as bad as in the city.I think it's better to split your wallet into two without having as much cash as possible.However, please note that there are some places where credit cards cannot be used in shops in the city.Moreover, because there are a lot of people who can speak Japanese, i invite them to sell in Japanese and use a taxi.It is safe to call a taxi from the hotel, but it seems to have a rip-off, so you need to be careful.