A trip to Bali where you can live

I go to Bali every year for a month's stay.The time varies depending on the year, but since i take a long time off from work, I aim for a time when i have as little impact as possible.I try to avoid every year's nupi.

I'm going to stay in Ubud.I have stayed by the sea, but i feel more comfortable in the mountains.When I visited Bali for the first time, I took a little walk in Ubud, but i fell in love with it and stayed in Ubud all the time.We explored the hotel at first, but now it's the same accommodation.Kokobaribali changed, Coconow.We moved a little and it became a new guest house.I like the room of the jogro style.Because it is with a kitchen, it is easy to prepare oneself in the morning, and it is convenient to make coffee and drink it immediately.The first floor is a café, so you can have a solid meal there.There is a laundry for a long stay, but there is a laundry, and there is a supermarket and a convenience store nearby, so it is a feeling like living really.The staff comes every day to clean and collect garbage.Of course, it has a shower and a bathtub.The feeling of the room seems to be antique by the owner, and it becomes a calm Balinese style.

You can ask for a car charter at the inn, and a staff with good Japanese will take you as a driver and guide.My favorite is bathing.I put on my own kubaya and mix it with the local people and bathe.It doesn't have to be perfect dress, but salon and slender are essential.I recommend that you wear Kubaya by all means if you can rent it.It is refreshing to be able to see the scenery from the top of the mountain completely when you go down the great stairs, bathe, and go up the great stairs.It's a great meal and a drink, but it tastes really good.There is such as "Tiltaempur", which is famous for bathing, but it is a place where tourists rush in, and it becomes a moment when it sees the parking lot where a large bus is parked.I often go to "Subatu" for local bathing.Recently, it became known for a moment and the tourist came to come, too.There are local rules for these places, so it's a good idea to go with people you know.If you don't know the religion of Bali, such as Chanan and The Offering, you will be humiliated, and you will be reducing the quality of the Japanese people.

Word of mouth after all.I think that there are a lot of information which is not included in the guide book of the sightseeing that it is not possible to know only the person who visited the place.Now they also send information on YouTube, and it's important to hear from Japanese people who live there.It is a good goods to take it, but it is a medicine though it is natural.I was surprised at the size of the medicine which seemed to be the pain reliever of Bali.I think there are standards for the country, so it works much better than Japanese medicine.On the other hand, i'm afraid of it, so I'll always take it from Japan.

Bali is a tourist island.On the other hand, balinese Hindu religious events may be given priority even if they are on the island.It is a situation that cannot be imagined from the Japanese, but I think it is important to understand that it is such a country.If you're going to Bali for the first time, you should avoid the New Year's day in Bali, which is around March every year.You must not sit in the house and use fire, as it is called "Quiet Day", and do not make noise.I can't even watch TV or the Internet.It's amazing, it's great because it's cut off Wi-Fi.It might be good for those who want to understand bali deeply in it, but it is not possible to move because everything is closed for the first time.Of course, tourists can't take a step outside the hotel grounds.The airport is also closed on the day.I don't do all the sights and shops.Also, the day before Nupi, there is a parade like the Nebuta Festival called Ogoogo, and the scary-faced creations pass through the city.Each region has its own idea and makes a variety of warts every year.Also, in Bali, there is also the custom of Garngan and Kuningan, and the period is long like a Japanese bon festival.After all, it takes time for local people to prepare for the offer, and there is a shop which is closed for a while from the day.Recently, locals who work little by little have come to minimize closing by rotation.When the local shops closed, we were often inconvenienced and embarrassed by sightseeing.At this time of year, there is a place like tanabata decorations made of bamboo called Penjol, so you can see a very nice view.This is Bali!It is a feeling that seems.Especially in Ubud, where I'm staying, I'm looking forward to seeing how many places i'm competing for penjols by the street.