Bali trip to visit soon

I stayed for four nights in June 2019.

I stayed at a hotel called Grand Istanarama near Pantai Kuta, Kuta.The location was great.It is also close to Kuta Beach and Legian Street, and is also within easy reach of the airport and tourist attractions.I was able to walk to the club in the evening sit down and enjoy my stay.The hotel and the pool were very friendly and the staff were very friendly.The air conditioning and hot shower were all right.I was a little worried about the bad drainage of the shower.There is no convenience store nearby, but the beach walk is also next door, so it was nice to be able to shop at the supermarket in the basement of the beach walk.Even though you can walk to legian's club district, it's safe because there's no sound at night.There are few kinds of morning buffets, but you can also eat while looking at the sea.The road in front of me is lively.

For sightseeing, we went to Kuta neighborhoods such as Kuta Beach, Sanur, Ubud, Tanah Lot Temple and Seminyak.Kuta is the most common place to be called out by souvenir shops.When it comes to Sanur, there is little to say.I had a lot of price negotiations, so I bought most of the souvenirs at a department store called Matahari in Kuta, a beach walk, and a bintan supermarket in Seminyak.Every time i go to Bali, a female friend is requested for beauty goods.Not to mention elipsof the hair vitamin sold in Japan recently, i always buy the body cream named Chitra for my self.If you're buying balinese-like souvenirs, Ubud is also said to be a city of art, there are many shops and the market was very lively.There are a lot of souvenirs and items that you won't see in Kuta, so I think Ubud is recommended if you're ready to negotiate and shop.I've been to Bali a few times, but I've never been to Tanalot Temple, and this is my first time, but I went back before i saw sunset and kecha.The view was beautiful enough and i was very satisfied.Because i can feel the bali-like ness, i think that it is good to go by all means when i go on a trip.By the way, Ubud and Tanalot Temple went from Japan to advance the car charter by the Internet.The driver, who can speak Japanese in katakoto, was comfortable with the car and the air conditioning.Also, i would like to recommend an Italian restaurant called Massimo in Sanur.Personally I like it the best in the world.We went to Bali with about 15 people, so we had a reservation from the hotel.You can also choose toppings for very large pizzas, so be sure to ask.Also, don't forget to eat gerrard at the entrance to the store after the meal.Seminyak was a fashionable city.It looks good for window shopping.The famous local rice in Bali is Nasigoren and Migoren, but I love NasiChamps.On top of the rice, i'll have you choose the side dishes in the showcase and put them in, but it's really excellent.Please try it by all means.

This time, "Bali Mikata" i looked at the site and was helpful.People who live in Bali have been updated, so you can get almost real-time information.I went to the car charter and the restaurant recommended on the site, but it was very good.Because it is written as a note such as currency exchange, I think that it is easy to understand.Personally, I feel a shortage of vegetables every time I go to Bali, so I'll have green juice.I mix the green juice of powder in the mineral water of the pet bottle and drink it frequently.Most of the local products are sold, so if you don't have to stick to it, you can procure local ly.A mask and a light jacket are essential for a comfortable stay in the airplane.

I've never had any trouble with lack of preparation.I always prepare for my trip in the same way as traveling in Japan.The laundry dries soon, and the softener which is divided into pieces once is also a very good smell, so I think that clothes should be washed locally at a minimum or ask the laundry of the hotel.Flip flops and sunglasses are sold all over the world, so you don't have to take them with you.Because the price is also low, I think that you may purchase it by feelings to use it only while i am in Bali.Sunscreen, insect repellent, shampoo, etc. are sold to the local variety, so I think that it is not good even if I do not take it all the way.Especially if your skin is weak, it would be fun to try out local products.However, I think that it is better to take it because I think that only the sanitary goods for women are not as good as Japan.In addition, i don't need a translation machine because I can manage to communicate in Katakoto's English.