Enjoy without spending money!Bali Trip!!

Ten years ago, i stayed four nights with my friends before the summer.

I didn't know anything, so I decided to go to a travel agency because it was popular with tourists.We stayed at Ayana Resort and Spa Bali.I think i was able to go there by about 70,000, including the cost of the plane.The hotel was picked up at the airport, so they showed us around in a narrow wagon.It was my first time, so I was scared, but I arrived at the hotel safely.I was told to issue a credit card at the reception desk, but I didn't say no.There was a ticket that you could experience bali este for free.The oil massage there was very pleasant.The hotel was very friendly and helpful.It was a buffet in the morning, and there were a lot of kinds, and it was very delicious.There was a pool outside, but we didn't get in.The view was great and the room was very comfortable.There are many souvenir shops around the hotel.There were a lot of stray dogs and i was a little scared.

When we were traveling with women and walking around the city, a Japanese woman who lived there called out to me.I met a local person who was fluent in Japanese because they would introduce me to people who are familiar with Bali.The person showed us a lot by car, and we went to the local dining room and bbq in Jimbaran Beach, where we could eat fresh seafood at a low price.I was able to eat while looking at the sea and the light up was very beautiful as it turned out at night.I enjoyed marine sports at Kuta Beach.I enjoyed parasailing, banana boating and jet skiing.The instructors were Javanese, and they were very manly.I ate ramen at the house in the sea, but there were a lot of kobae and the hygiene was not good.They touched sea turtles, wrapped snakes around their necks, and even squirrels.Also, I used about 30,000 esthetics, which are run by Japanese people, in two hours.In the evening, they took me to a cabaret club and club in Bali.The person who guided me is a person who sells accessories and sells business, so please be careful.When we got along, they took us home and the maid sat down to cook home.After that, we were shown accessories and we also purchased one 20,000 accessories to thank them.There was a picture of Ken Kaneko on the wall of the house, but I thought it was a process.Bali didn't spend any money, so i decided to buy it.Looking back now, I think it was worth about 500 yen.
There are a lot of local children in the shop which sells the souvenir in the sightseeing spot, and it comes to a lot when the money is gotten.It is the end if it is given to one person.The child begins to surround, and it is not possible to run away easily.The child who got money also hid the money and put out the hand again.At the first airport, there was a person who was working with his luggage, but he had 1,000 yen in his hand.When we first traveled abroad, we didn't know how much to give us the chips, so we just gave them 1,000 yen.When I stopped in the car, the mother who was holding the baby was asking for money one by one.I was surprised at the unfamiliar scene.According to the local people, i ignored it because it would be too sweet and even enough to give it.
Money is really cheap no matter what, so i didn't go a thousand years in a taxi.

I decided a lot about not looking at anything.There was a person who was doing business targeting Japanese people in the field, and the accessory was bought, but it guided me to various places, and it entertained it.I was able to enjoy it because they showed me around, but I regret that I should have examined it by myself.

I couldn't use a hair dryer or hair iron.You should bring equipment that can adjust power.I bought a new dryer because I couldn't speak English and couldn't communicate it.Even if you buy a hair dryer or so locally, you can buy it within 1000 yen.Also, the resort has an image of being hot, and I took only sleeveless, but i think it's just right in half because it wasn't so hot.We went without any research and didn't make any plans, but we regret that we wanted to make good planning and make good use of our time.Duty-free shops didn't have a favorite brand and didn't really have a place to spend money.I took 200,000, but i only used about 80,000.Even if it says 100,000, I think that it is able to play a lot.Even if you are in trouble, you can buy anything at a low price.I bought tea in Bali, but it was too sweet to drink.It's hard to find, so I recommend bringing japanese tea with you.