Enjoy the women's trip!Bali Travel

Summer 2019 (early August).
stay for seven nights.

I stayed in kuta area in the southern part of Bali.

The reason is that it is in a position where it is easy to come and go to other areas, and the accommodation cost was lower than other areas.It was very close to the airport and about 10 minutes by taxi.During my stay, I went to other areas, but it was convenient to go by bus or take a taxi to save time and money.
The biggest attraction is that there is a large beach nearby.There are many hotels within walking distance to the beach, and I have visited the beach many times.Because it is an area suitable for young people, shopping malls and cafes are plentiful, you can relax in the daytime, and the local atmosphere is also popular for those who want to enjoy the local atmosphere.
The restaurant, bars and nightlife are plentiful, perfect for those who want to enjoy the night, but on the other hand, they paid close attention to security.

Bali is a tourist destination, but prices and accommodation are cheaper than in Japan, and there are many resort hotels with pools.
The hotel where I stayed also had a large pool in the courtyard, and the room and the bed were large and clean.It was a clean hotel that cleaned every day.
There was also a buffet breakfast every morning, and the dishes i ordered were cooked on the spot, and the breakfast was great.
The hotel grounds were very large, and on the first day of luggage, we moved in a small car driven by the staff.There are many ways to enjoy the pool, stroll through the courtyard, or take a break in the hotel bar.

White Rose Hotel

Tourist attractions such as Kuta Area, Ubud Aria, Seminyak Area and Nusa Dua area are almost complete.
I want to enjoy marine sports, I want to enjoy the local atmosphere, I want to stay in a luxurious hotel, I want to relax on the beach, I want to experience nature, I want to go shopping in a fashionable area, I want to get a massage and a spa, and I want to eat delicious food in a local restaurant!
It was a cramming schedule that made all such selfishness come true, but I was able to enjoy it with the margin outside of my desire.

I felt the history and art well, took a lot of pictures at the insta-shine spots used in locations, and took a leisurely break in the restaurant in the woods.This is an example of ubud area, but I think it is the charm of Bali that I was able to meet a different charm like this every day.

Bali is not as safe as in Japan.Because it is a tourist destination, please think that the Japanese are always targeted by the pickpocket.
In addition, since there is no public transport system, it is basically a taxi to get there.This taxi is a songperson, or the meter is wrong, or it is blown by the word value, etc. are daily occurrences.It's impossible from Japan, isn't it?In order to avoid this, it is important to check the distance and market price by taxi in advance, and to use only the taxi company that you can trust.

As for transportation, it is cheaper to use a taxi that can be used all day long for a flat rate than to catch a local taxi everywhere you go.

Local streets sell a lot of souvenirs at the stalls, but basically it's not recommended to buy them at a list price.Let's cut as much as it is worth!
Local supermarkets are also recommended.I was able to purchase it cheaply because I had a rare cake and a classic souvenir.

Bali has a lot of areas and there are quite a lot of different ways to enjoy each area, so I read a lot of sites and guidebooks that detail the area.I also wanted to go to a fancy bar or café, so I got some fashionable information about Bali on Instagram.

I think i'll go to the beach, so it's essential to be able to get sunburn.
Bali is not a tourist destination and is not safe, so let's make it a bag that you can guard firmly with your hand, not a rucksack.

Also, if you go to the mountains, such as the Ubud area, don't forget to take insect repellent with you.
On the other hand, if you go to a fashionable place such as the Seminyak area, you can get used to the atmosphere when there is a resort dress.

Arrange local transportation.I was going to catch a taxi there, but I felt like I couldn't trust any of them, so I got off on the way.After all, I applied for a charter at the last minute, and it was saved because there was a lot of room.

For a fun trip, it's important to do some research!