A trip around Bali, a photogenic, with a camera in one hand.

It was a five-night trip from early April 2019.

Kuta 1 night → Ubud 3 nights → Sanur 1 night and moved.It is a woman's point of view that likes shopping and nature, but because it is a repeater in Bali, I introduce the place that i was really glad to go.

Where did you stay in Bali?

<クタエリア> stayed at Ida Hotel Kuta Hotel Kuta Bali, which is within walking distance of Kuta Beach, and went for a walk in the hotel for souvenirs.I stayed in a bungalow in a single house with balinese sculptures on the door, and after shopping, I went swimming in the pool and relaxing.It is a nice point that there is a bathtub in the bath.

In <ウブドエリア>, I stayed in a traditional, sown roof building called Bali Bohemia Hut.The goods and furniture in the room were colorful and cute in every detail, and the excitement did not stop for the camera girl.Breakfast is served in the hotel's restaurant.Just next to the entrance to Monkey Forest, ubud's famous tourist destination, you can also admire monkeys from the restaurant.This is a good hotel for two people.

In <サヌール>, the Stana Puri Gopa Hotel is close to the beach, and although not new, we stayed in a green, laid-back hotel on site.The location was very good.

Where did you go to Bali?

The purpose of
the <クタエリア> Kuta area is to shop.On Legian Street, of course, the
original surf outlet on Sunset Street/Sunset Load near the airport is also one of the main destinations for going to Bali.Marine sportswear outlets offer a wealth of surfing supplies from brands such as ROXY and volcom, so you can get your swimwear and T-shirts cheaply.

In the evening, we wen
t to Uluwatu Temple by car to enjoy the traditional Kechuck dance at the 70-meter-high cliff.Before the start of the dance, we tour the temple and sit in an open-air circular venue when the sun starts to fall.There was only a popular traditional performing arts, so I couldn't take my eyes off the powerful voices of the men and the trance dancing with real fire.

<ウブドエリア> repeat
bali because i am impressed by the mysterious atmosphere every time I come, but I love the atmosphere and always visit Ubud, which is about an hour's shuttle bus ride from Kuta.In the area where artists gather, nature still remains, and local Hindus are often seen dressed in traditional costumes, incense sticks, and offering flowers to pray.

In the center, there are a lot of nice grocery stores, and it's a shopping paradise.There are so many cute clothing stores on Monkey Forest Street in Ubud, and it's cheap, so I just buy a lot.I bought clothes, sandals and batik-patterned stalls as souvenirs for myself.In the shoe store name of KIREI, sandals with handwritten illustrations on the skin material are cute, and the nose is a design of the palm tree, and it repeats because it is strong.The road side shops are cheap, with neat lace white tops and colorful children's clothes, so it's just a good souvenir.You can buy tropical fruits and local souvenirs at the market near The Palace of Salen Agung or in Pasar Ubud.

Through the center, you will find a rich nature and power spots scattered around.I rented a car all day and went sightseeing in the surroundings.

(1) The Tirta Empur Temple, f
amous as a sacred springing temple about a 45-minute drive from Tirta Emple Temple Ubud, is known as a place of purification, and tourists can bathe in the holy water flowing out of the spring water to cleanse the body.The source was clear blue, and when I looked at it all the time, my mind calmed down.

(2) Tana Lot Temple a
nd Tana Lot Temple, located about a 45-minute drive from Ubud, southwest Bali, were also very mysterious.It was built on a reef on the coast, and we went there at low tide, so we could walk to the temple.Heathen was not able to see it because it was not allowed into the temple, but a holy fountain sprung up from the cave inside.Even though it is in a place where it is soaked in the wave at high tide, the holy fountain is said to be shinsui.It felt very strange and sacred.It is recommended to go with sandals that can be wet.

I also went to a place called Pengrigplan village, where
the landscape of Penguriplan was beautiful and the scenery of Penglipliuran was beautiful and tourists came to visit by Instagram.Located about a 50-minute drive from Ubud, houses in harmony with nature and houses on the left and right of the main road, mainly temples, were very attractive.The people who lived here seemed to have the rule that it was necessary to find the marriage partner in the village, and, then, it seemed to defend the tradition.It was a beautiful village with a rustic house wall woven with bamboo and a mossy roof.

(4) Tukad Chupun Falls/ Tukad Cepung Waterfall and another pla
ce on the way to take photogenic photos, we aimed at a waterfall called Tucad Chupun.The waterfall is surrounded by green which i finally saw in the place where I went down a steep stairs fast, and crossed the river.And on the other side, there was a quiet and beautiful waterfall hidden in a huge rock that was about to be overlooked.There were Europeans taking pictures in swimsuits in front of the falls, and it was like a shooting spot for people who knew it.It's a place full of adventure, so it's a good idea to go with clothes that are good to get wet and sturdy sandals.

If you're interested in Balinese painting, you can also visit the Blanco Renaissance Museum, where you can see the work of Antonio Blanco, who was called Dalí in Bali.You can also enjoy the unique museum building itself.

In the evenings, it's a fun way to have a drink while listening to the frequent music gigs at the Monkey Forest Street café.

in <サヌール
> Sanur, we took a leisurely bike along the beach.Along the way, we could see people dressed in white costumes on the beach doing Hindu ceremonies.Hinduism seems to have a lot of events, and it is attractive to catch a glimpse of bali of this kind of everyday life even by the traveler.

In the shop called Aittaba, i was able to buy a house bag using the fern family plant "Ata" which is a popular souvenir in Bali at a low price.

【All kinds of super-large souvenir specialt
y store】Before going to the airport on the way back, we purchased a balamaki souvenir at a locally famous super-large souvenir shop called Krishna.The souvenirs i thought were interesting, chips made from the health food tempe, and dried organic cocoa beans as a snack.Again, I bought clothes and a cute wood-carved tissue box.

There are a lot of souvenirs at the airport.In
addition, souvenirs are plentiful in the international departure terminal of the airport, and i purchased an additional souvenir which I forgot to buy inadvertently because the price was not so high.

What's useful in Bali?

[People essential application who want
to move cheaply] Grab and Go-jek ride-sharing apps are useful.You can also get on the airport and can arrange it cheaper than an airport taxi.However, there are some areas where you can't enter Ubud, so it's a good idea to take a walk or rent a car in Ubud.

Advice for people going to Bali!

If you do not want to break your stomac
h, be careful with water.The Japanese who break the stomach with the water of Bali purchased mineral water because it was not discontinued.If you have a weak stomach, it is safe to use mineral water for toothpaste.Depending on the area, it tastes like sea water is mixed in the water of the shower when it is near the sea.Depending on the person, it may be hit by raw vegetables or ice, so it is safe not to eat worried people.

[Bali to be aware of ecotourism] if
you ask for a drink in the restaurant, or come out with a bamboo straw, or use a plastic bag made from tapioca powder, but bali to feel eco, the use of plastic bags in convenience stores from 2019 is totally prohibited, so you have to buy a bag of paid nonwoven fabric, it is recommended to carry my bag when shopping.

I always carrie
d tissue paper with me because i didn't have toilet paper in the toilet in my local place.