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I didn't want to take a day off with the students, so i stayed for four nights and five days from the end of June to the beginning of July.

Where did you stay in Bali?

Comparing this and that on internet booking sites such as Lekubu and Rakuten Travel, we narrowed down the area because the area we wanted to mainly do for sightseeing was around Kuta Legian.
The hotel conditions were clean and the pool was attached, so there were quite a few of these hotels near the downtown area, so i had a hard time choosing them.
Because we did not plan to relax in the hotel because we were the main tourist, rather than the place where the resort hotel feeling was strong, i just slept and slept, and i looked for the price price price and business, but none of the hotels were so expensive, and because it was small, it was not far from the beach and the downtown area in the end, and decided to a hotel called NeoplasKutalegian.
The hotel has 2 pools and is a simple, monotone and modern atmosphere.There were no japanese speaking staff at the reception desk.
The hotel was very clean and comfortable.
It was about 10,000 yen in the corner room of the double bed with three nights with breakfast, and there was a considerably good deal.Breakfast is buffet style and Balinese dishes are also served.
It was a very good location within walking distance to the beach and within walking distance of a large shopping mall.

Where did you go to Bali?

Bali is basically a car movement.To be honest, i can't do anything if I don't charter a car with a driver.It would be a good idea to charter a few minutes a day to stay.It's free to turn on a guide, but I think it's better to know a lot of things.
In our case, we had booked several local tours with transfers on a site called Beltra, but we didn't have enough, so we tried to make a reservation there.
However, i couldn't make a reservation on the internet anymore, so I went directly to a tour company in a large mall.
I was able to speak Japanese because it was a Japanese tour company.When I asked him if he could make a tour reservation on the spot, he was buried in the reservation, so he couldn't make a reservation there, and the receptionist negotiated with the staff who were supposed to be on vacation and held down the driver and the Japanese guide.It was not a work but also a private guide, and the reward was handed directly to the person after the sightseeing ended at the same price as the regular.It is unthinkable in Japan, but in Bali, which is made up of tourism, it may be common as an pocket money earner.
The guide was a pretty nice person.We got along well and got excited, and we had more time to ask for it, but they took us here and there, and there were many stories in the car.The driver's main business seems to have been a mobile phone company, and it was also helpful to sell 5GB of sim card for about 300 yen.
We visited rice terraces, Uluwatu temples, Tanah lot temples, Bali estes, and so on, but what was interesting was Krishna, a shop called Don Quixote in Bali.There were a lot of cheap Balinese souvenirs on sale and it was open 24 hours a day.The rest is a local supermarket called Carrefour.I purchased a large quantity of balamaki souvenirs of bali souvenir staple son of elipsey scheaphere.
Kynd COMMUNITY was a spot where the pink open café was a pretty shining spot.The ice cream and acai bowl of the shop looked pretty and delicious.All the guides said, "Japanese people don't like this kind of place.I said and proposed, i was relieved to seem to be accustomed to guide.

What's useful in Bali?

I think that it is good that there is one large-format stall.In temples, there are many places where women have to wear waist rolls cloth.Every temple has a cloth for rent, but it's more secure than cloth that doesn't know who used it, and i think it's better to use it as a sun-avoidance stall if you don't use it.

Advice for people going to Bali!

Be sure to charter a van.Taxis can be ripped off, and if you're not caught, you'll be in trouble, so it's a good idea to take a guide to a tour site or tour company!And, it is important to get along with the guide anyway because the enjoyment of the trip changes because it is out of the guide.It's a lot of fun to tell me what only the locals know.