Happening in the sea!Bali Travel

I went there for two nights and three days 18 years ago.

Where did you stay in Bali?

I think it was the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.It was 18 years ago, so I don't know what to remember.When I saw it in the pamphlet of the trip, I decided that it was a wonderful hotel.I thought it was good to stay here.The hotel was spacious and clean.It was nice to have a piano playing in a place like a lounge at night.

Where did you go to Bali?

I don't remember it in the old days, but it's close to the airport and there are many tourists.It is safe when shopping at a shop for the duty-free shop and the Japanese, but when I tried to shop in the shop where there is a local person of the common people, because i was told the amount of money that was vague, it was made to the original amount when i strongly say No No in the Osaka soul.I can only speak Japanese, but I thought that i could communicate with gestures.Japanese people think they have money, so it may be easy to get ripped off.

What's useful in Bali?

It is a feeling that i was not troubled by arranging variously unexpectedly.

Advice for people going to Bali!

You'd better take a book of conversations for Bali.Also, there was no snatch, but it might be better to put money in other places and hide it.When I arrived at the airport, I was going to pick up a trunk case, and it was taken by the person who pretended to be a po-ta.I was carried a little further, and they told me to give me 1000 yen, but when I said NONO, they gave up.I think you should show your intentions.I was surprised to see tourists at the airport, or because there were locals lined up.