Bali's Nature and Healing Music for Energy-Charged Travel

  • April 28, 2020
  • April 28, 2020
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May 2015

BALI gift SPA information shows your experiences in Bali.
When you travel to Bali, the opinions of the actual travelers are the best!Please refer to it by all means.Also, please tell us about your experiences.

BALI gift SPA information shows your experiences in Bali.
When you travel to Bali, the opinions of the actual travelers are the best!Please refer to it by all means.Also, please tell us about your experiences.

It was a little while ago, but I went on a Golden Week vacation.It is a trip of four nights and six days.The weather was good at this time of year, and it was fine day after day.It rained a little in the evening, but it was like a squall, and it didn't rain for a long time, as sloppy as in Japan.

Where did you stay in Bali?

After staying in Ubud, the hotel that stopped is Maya Ubud Resort & Spa.
Rather than beach resorts, I was attracted to the dense forests of Ubud, which I saw in the pamphlet.
I've traveled abroad a lot, but I've been so impressed that I've been more than i've ever been here.If you are going to stay in Bali again, I would definitely stay in Maya Ubud.
When you arrive in Bali at night, when you arrive at the hotel, you will be able to hear insects from near the forest because of the greenery and you can feel the nature that is not found in Japan.
The road to the entrance of the hotel was fantastic, and i walked while listening to the babbling along the side of the road.
At the entrance, we had a delicious welcome drink and a nice smelling cold towel for our first hospitality.We had a great time to feel relieved.
The room was a villa-type cottage in the woods.
When I entered the room, there was a double bed with a canopy, and the sheets were decorated beautifully and the petals were scattered, and i was able to relax in the hospitality that made the heart that said so.
The bath had a cobblestone-style bathtub and a small pool in the outside garden.I liked stretching and relaxing while watching the morning sun on the big sofa in front of the pool every morning.Especially in the morning, I could hear chicken screeching and relaxing while feeling the presence of living creatures in the forest.
There were always a few geckos in the room, but I didn't think it was particularly unpleasant because I had the knowledge in advance that it is common in Bali.So during my stay, I stayed to live with them while observing them.
Breakfast was served every morning and was buffet style.We were able to eat on the peaceful terrace in a natural area with trees.Take a deep breath and relax and enjoy the meal naturally.
There are also many Western people staying in the hotel, so there is a great feeling that they are coming abroad.I feel free to relax around me, and I think I was able to really relax by forgetting the feeling i felt when I was in Japan.
Even though it's morning, the temperature goes up quickly and it gets hot, so it's a good place to get up early and go to eat.
There is also an outdoor pool, and it was a favorite to take a walk there and spend a relaxing time while watching the guests enjoying the waterside.
I was able to stay at a wonderful resort hotel as i researched in the guidebook.

Where did you go to Bali?

I went to many ruins and temples, but i especially remember balinese dance and chuck dance.Both are traditional dances in Bali, so I'm glad you enjoyed them.
Balinese dance was appreciated in a temple in the city of Ubud.Sit and enjoy the fish with other tourists on the cobblestones of the temple.There are quite a lot of tourists and various nationalities.I think that it is careful for the pickpocket because it is a fish seat.The sound is loud during the performance and the dance, and i probably don't notice it while stealing.
In the hall, musical instruments such as xylophone and iron harp, musical instruments such as flutes and bells surround the stage, and men and women with glittering hair ornaments dance to the men and women who face them at the center.
The dance is called legon dance, and all the children who grew up in Bali seem to learn it.
A strange chord was played which was indescribable, and it was sucked in in the atmosphere of the foreign country momentarily.I was able to enjoy various kinds of dances such as delicate and fine finger movement dance, and brave fight dance.
The Kechuck dance was watched during the visit at Uluwatu Temple.In the first half, we watched the Uluwatu Temple and the sunset, and watched the sea and the sun while being impressed by the dazzling light.In the temple, devout Hindus were praying and offering flowers for the gods.I've seen so many people praying for all the gods in the city, so I felt that Balinese people were very beautiful.After watching the sunset, go to the same site and go to the dance viewing point.
The venue is surrounded by the center stage, and the audience is arranged.
When the dance started, a bunch of half-naked men came out and surrounded the torch fire, and said, "Kecha!The dance is raised by the hand clapping while uttering the voice.It was an act of beating the voice, clapping, and the body of the person without using the musical instrument.
It was a strange feeling to be watching primitive people, but i really enjoyed listening to powerful a cappella music with inflection.
When I was a student, I used to watch videos in music classes, but the power of life is completely different.I was really overwhelmed.
Moreover, because there were a lot of tourists in Europe and America, the praise after the performance was very excited and was more impressed.I think it was a valuable experience because there was a lot of excitement that is not often seen in Japan.

What's useful in Bali?

The best thing to watch out for during sightseeing is the insect repellent and the muhi after the insect bites.Especially when you visit the ruins in the forested area of Ubud, i think you should have it.
I was bitten by a lot of mosquitoes especially in the Goagasha ruins in Ubud.
Unlike japanese mosquitoes, bali mosquitoes seemed to swell considerably even if they scratched a little when they were bitten.Moreover, I felt that itching came out stronger than Japan.I scratched it persistently, so i became bruised for about a year afterwards, and the marks didn't disappear.
However, the local guide gave me insect repellent and muhi because I was sorry for the situation.It worked really well.It was a local thing, but the aroma-based aroma scent was so smooth that, especially muhi, felt the effect of the swelling of the skin after scratching immediately.I thought i should have borrowed it early.
Is it best to cure local wounds and diseases with local medicine?I also thought.
Moreover, the person who is anxious about the insect bite other than it is good to wear long pants so that the leg may be concealed neatly.I think that it is good to go out to buy thai pants cheaply in a local market.The process of negotiating price reductions at the market and getting my favorite goods i found in the city was also very enjoyable.

Advice for people going to Bali!

When you visit temples and ruins, there are always beggars and beggars.
I sell a set of five postcards and magnets, but none of them are different and are normal.Moreover, it was serious to refuse because it attacked considerably persistently in Japanese of Katakoto.Moreover, because there are a lot of small children under the age of 10, it was painful and difficult to refuse clearly by all means.
Japanese people are very kind, tend to take a vague attitude that is interested, and never refuse once and for all, so i will follow you as far as clearly and refuse.
I'm sorry, but I think it's important to turn down the kitin if you're not interested or willing to buy it.