Bali trip with happenings and surfing

  • April 28, 2020
  • April 28, 2020
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I went there for three nights and four days during the dry season in May 2018.

By removing golden week, you can travel comfortably without crowds.In addition, it is recommended that you avoid the hottest time of April or around June.

Where did you stay in Bali?

I was staying in Kuta district of Bali.
The reason we chose the area is because it is close to the sea and the beach area is not difficult even for beginners surfing.
It's also the busiest city in Bali, so you can enjoy it after you've rounded up the surf.
If you're sightseeing, there are plenty of shops in the downtown area, so you can enjoy a drink there, or you can have a drink on the quiet sandy beach.
However, there are so many cars and motorcycles that you need to be careful about walking and managing valuables.
This kuta district hotel is called Royal Singosari Kuta.
The word of mouth of the net was very good and the price was reasonable.
It is about 400 metres from the hotel to the beach and is in good condition for surfers.It is also easy to access the center.
The room was very clean and spacious.
In addition, there was a bathtub which was unusual in Southeast Asia, too, so you can take the fatigue of surfing during the day well.
There is a pool and bar on the rooftop, and there is plenty of drinks to help you unwind after a day.
In terms of service, the staff service was particularly excellent.I am very happy to be able to smile naturally because I always keep smiling.
Massage services are also available at this hotel.
I don't have to go outside the hotel, so I appreciate it.Massage is not particularly good, but if you are troublesome to go out because it is not bad, please try it by all means.
The breakfast was very good.
You can cook eggs such as omelets and fried eggs right in front of you and eat hot.In addition, you can enjoy it every day without getting tired because it offers a wide variety of dishes such as Western dishes from local food.
McDonald's and KFC are open all night around the hotel, so it's convenient when you're a little hungry.
Because it is close to the downtown area at night, it is bright all night, so you can go out in peace.

Where did you go to Bali?

I mainly surfed during the day, but in the evening I was mainly doing sightseeing.First of all, i went shopping at discovery mall of a large shopping mall nearby.This is the most famous and large mall in kuta, selling all kinds of miscellaneous goods.
It is displayed in a wide range of items from affordable goods such as traditional miscellaneous goods and the back of the hand net to a high-class thing.The recommendation is a product of the aroma system.It took a lot of time to choose because there were various things to smell.It is also good to buy for yourself, and it is also suitable for buying as a souvenir.
Also, there is starbucks, so it's perfect when you want to take a break.
However, it is necessary to shift the time that it is good because the seat cannot be secured when going at the busy time.
The back of the mall faces Kuta Beach, where you can see the sunset.
Therefore, it is essential to take up a place at dusk, as tourists are flooded in at sunset.
We also went on a beach walk near Kuta Beach.
The facilities are open, so you can enjoy the tropical atmosphere and the many greenery that makes it feel like a botanical garden.There are many famous brands on site and you can also enjoy shopping.There is also a café where you can take a break if you are tired from shopping, and there is also a food court where you can enjoy local food.
The price is a little expensive compared to other shops, but the taste is delicious.
Also, if you get tired of local food, there is sushi TEI where you can eat Japanese food, so please try it.
I don't think there are many tourists, but there is also a movie theater here.Basically, movies from overseas are good for those who can understand english because subtitles are indonesian.
The main purpose of this time is to surf.Kuta Beach is a very popular beach with easy waves for beginner surfers.You can also rent a board or go empty-handed.
Going to the beach can start surfing as soon as you go here.I put my bags and clothes, including valuables, on a leisure sheet and put them on the leisure sheet and surfed, but there was nothing when I went back to the beach for a break.This is completely the cause for me, but on the first day, the second day and the last day i had no problems with the luggage like that.Fortunately, the money was divided into subdivisions, and i kept my passport in a different place, so it wasn't a big problem, but I was really depressed.I realized again that this is overseas.
I was told that it was a good thing to tell this to the receptionist when I went back to the hotel.Because there are a lot of people in the beach, it is said that there are a lot of pickpockets because there are not noticed surroundings.I changed my mind and went sightseeing right away, but I think it was a good experience.
The surfing itself was really good because I was able to enjoy it well.The wave was steady, too, and it is suitable for the beginner because it is not a high wave there.

What's useful in Bali?

I referred to the site TripAdvisor and other column articles that I used to go to Bali.We also recommend that you put the Grab app before your trip to ensure transportation.If you take a taxi around the area for yourself, you will be ripped off with a considerable probability.Especially for Japanese, it is easy to be made a duck because it pays the driver's price immediately.
So, i do not know the sense of market when you are a traveler, please put this app by all means.
If you're surfing on the beach or want to relax on the sandy beach, it's convenient to take a leisure seat with you.
Also, you may want to take a waterproof case so as not to get wet.

Advice for people going to Bali!

If you are going on a trip to Bali, i recommend that you check the internet for your area.Security, prices, and other things like where to change money is good.I was ripped off because I went without much research.Especially, I noticed on the last day that i should have put the taxi app before travel.When the hotel asked if he was using the Grab app, he told me that he didn't use it.It is to say that it is ripped off when other taxis are used about that.
Other than that, the security is not very good.Bali is famous as a tourist destination, but pickpockets aimed at tourists are often occurring.It is better to thoroughly manage valuables and to prepare goods for management.In particular, it is better to carry your passport without letting your skin go.Some people leave it in the hotel's safe, but i've heard of some cases of lost money.
If you lose your passport, the paperwork after that is quite cumbersome, so please be careful.
In summary, bali itself is a very fun place, and there are many people who are very kind to people.So, please enjoy bali by all means to prevent it by yourself that can be prevented in advance.