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5 days from September 21 to September 25, 2019

I went out three nights and five days during the summer vacation.
My wife and I had two children.The child took a few days off from school, and I took a day off from work and went out for a time when tourists would be able to complete the school.

Where did you stay in Bali?

Melia Bali is a large, long-established hotel in Nusa Dua.This large Spanish resort is located in the very secure Nusa Dua area.Notably, it is lush tropical gardens and a large lagoon pool.The good news is that the contents of japanese restaurants are substantial.There are also a variety of restaurants, children's pools and spas, so families can't get bored.The rooms in Melia Bali, where I actually stayed, were made with a lot of teak wood, so I thought it would cost more than three times as much to stay at an equivalent hotel in Japan.The two-storey family room where my friend stayed was spacious and made me feel like I was in a detached house.The young guests and honeymooners used the Zalevel Junior Suite.Time seemed to flow very slowly.And there were some great tourist attractions in the neighborhood.In front of Hotel Melia Bali, there is the bali collection, the only shopping mall in Nusa Dua, which is very convenient for cafés, dining and shopping.

Where did you go to Bali?

Bali's tourist area is mostly in the south.Therefore, it can be said that the location is good to visit.On the other hand, in the north, volcanic and forested areas have spread, leaving many undeveloped areas.In other words, there are not many tourist attractions.The classic is Kuta, where bali's downtown and multi-national atmosphere is fun, and Ubud, an art and performing arts city famous for its trendy smseminyak and rice terraces, will be a spot that should never be missed.There are some relaxing resorts where classical air is alive, and Nusa Dua, a luxury resort area where brands are gathered to compete.Jimbaran, a peaceful and rustic city, is typically a resort on a seaside hill, so it's a good idea to stop by for a short time.Take a look at Jimbaran in southern Bali and the one and only luxury rock bar.The top deck, designed to be on top of the sea, is sure to make you feel like, "This is a resolute."Guests can enjoy a 360° panorama.In short, it is an open space that becomes the illusion as if floating on the sea, and you will be overwhelmed by the spectacular scenery.Bali's tourist attractions are well accessible, partly due to the fact that it is located on the grounds of Ayana Resort & Spa Bali.
Bali is the most beautiful night view, but that's the best here.It's open every day at 16 o'clock, but more people are waiting in line for the opening time than the opening time.It is recommended that you go forward and line up if you are going.It is an iron rule to line up early to see mysterious beautiful sunsets like cg images.And, when the sun goes down and it goes down at night, it is lit up fantastically, and adult air becomes full at a dash.The production is well thought out.It transforms into a romantic resort full of adult colors.Please enjoy a wonderful time that will remain in the memories of your life by all means.

What's useful in Bali?

Since I work for a company, it is essential to buy some souvenirs when I travel abroad.It is unavoidable because the office is emptied for a certain period of time.In that sense, choosing souvenirs on the road is also a time to enjoy.However, we cannot unify the kinds of things in the same kind as 、、、for the company, friends, family, and relatives.I bought 20 of the same things, and if it were to be OK, I would like to make it easy and travel abroad every time.In that sense, I try to change souvenirs depending on the other party.In that case, it is serious and tired to search here and there.In particular, "Boxed chocolate… i don't like the standard…I strongly think that there is a wide selection, looking for a large shop in the sales floor, and trying to buy it there.There are no such convenient shops, but in Bali, the Bintan Supermarket is the place to be.The name is called a supermarket, but it is also a so-called souvenir shop.In other words, there are so many souvenirs that I bought all the souvenirs at this shop alone!From there, I sent it to my house in Japan by international courier service.

Advice for people going to Bali!

I've heard from an acquaintance who goes to Bali many times that there are a lot of insects in Bali.As a countermeasure for that, I purchased a few sets of insect repellent spray and insect repellent band at Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Japan.The insect repellent band is the one that the insect does not come near only by wearing it.It was very effective of the band, and the insect did not come near by using it in combination with the spray.I think that it sells it in a local drugstore, but i think that it is more convenient to bring it because it is necessary suddenly.In the hotel where I stopped, there were mosquito repellent scents and insect repellent sprays in my room.Also, in a foreign country, it's also a resort, so it's easy to think that the road is complete, but Bali is different.Especially, there is a lot of traffic in the vicinity of the airport and the town, and it becomes the level of traffic jam experienced in Japan.So it's a good idea to act with plenty of room when moving in the tax.The plane is a point of departure and departure.If you miss, you won't wait, so let's leave early.
And let's put the stall in the Boston bag.In bali, a hot country, there is a very cold and warm difference in places where the air conditioner is too effective and staying in mountainous areas such as Ubud.Because the temperature falls in the morning and evening, the stall becomes very effective for the temperature adjustment.And, it is useful for the sunburn measures in the blazing sun during the day.It is also used to hide the skin in sacred places for temple tours around the base, so let's prepare a little more.And let's take a spare wallet.Bali's currency rupiah has so many digits, and the bills are bulky and amazing.Therefore, it is absolutely good to make the wallet for Japanese yen and Indonesian rupiah different.
Because English is also katakoto, the guide was contracted and guided in this tour.I had my car chartered, and on the first day, I had them pick me up at the airport and take them to Ubud, where the hotel is located.Because it was a guide who was able to use Japanese, I was able to ask various questions, so I was able to enjoy the trip of Bali without fear.After all, in the guidebook, i don't know that much, and introducing a dinner restaurant with a good atmosphere, and the manufacture and sale of silverware accessories that can not be done by individuals was also taken to the sales office.In the past, when i traveled abroad, I did a lot of work with local people in one hand with a guidebook, but I'm not saying it by courage test, and it's easy to feel comfortable, so I hired Geit.Well, that's right.We recommend car charters with Japanese guides!