Bali trip to feel art and get the power of nature

I stayed with my boyfriend for three nights after Golden Week in May.

The reason why I did it at that time is that it is cheap after the consecutive holidays because the work pattern Golden Week was not able to take a rest.

Where did you stay in Bali?

I stayed in Ubud area for 3 nights.
The reason is to the female senior in the office which loves Bali too much
"There are gods living in the mountains of Bali, and the seaside is a way to swallow evil, so you shouldn't go there."
The reason is that it taught it.
Certainly, there was an image that there was a terrorist attack in the sea in the past and the security was bad, so I did not stop by the sea during my stay because I was scared in Bali for the first time.
It was only Ubud, but I was fascinated by the beauty of art and nature.
The hotel stayed at Maya Ubud Resort and Spa for three nights.
That's why we decided to build a hotel that blends into nature.
The hotel was very beautiful.
The rooms were made into villas, and the transportation was a cart and i was able to spend a relaxing time without worrying about the sound and the sign of other guests.
I was impressed by the travel agent telling me it was my honeymoon, and when I entered the room, i was impressed by the bed with petals and a heart-shaped heart, and a platter of champagne and fruit.It wasn't our honeymoon.)
The city is far from the hotel, but there was no inconvenience because it was moving by taxi.
Before returning to Japan, I used the spa for the same operation with him and the two of us.The sound of the Gameramball is pleasant, and it is pleasant as if climbing in the heaven.The two of them fell asleep during the operation, and their bodies and minds returned home with a refreshing feeling.
If you have a chance to visit Bali again, i would definitely like to stay in Ubud Area "Maya Ubud Resort and Spa".

Where did you go to Bali?

・We took you to two places on the Rice Terrace in Ubud( Tegalalang-Jatirui).Rice terraces were very beautiful and the photo spots were the best.If you want to go to Ubud, it is absolutely recommended!!
・We enjoyed Balinese dance (Baron dance, Kecha Legon dance) at Ubud Palace.
I was very impressed by the beautiful women's make-up, costumes and dances, but it was a lecture at night, so the security was bad, and I remember the tourists being targeted and watching it with excitement.I think you should be careful about watching women at night.
・When I stopped by the art village of Ubud, I purchased batik and atabach as a souvenir.I think that the quality was able to be purchased cheaply than buying it in the town and the airport.I could see the picture and the basket knitting in front of me.I was able to knit the basket actually.
I walked around the city and stopped by the temple.Bali can be enjoyed just by walking around with the appearance that worked and the appearance to wash the laundry by the hand like old times in the river.

What's useful in Bali?

I went to rely on recommendations from my seniors, so i watched only "Rurubu" supplementally.
The best thing to take is insect repellent spray, wet tissue, pocket tissue, intestinal agent and diarrhea stopper.
The hygiene side is still inferior compared with Japan.

Advice for people going to Bali!

Never place your suitcase on the floor when you open the load at the hotel.
Ubud is a mountain, so there were a lot of insects, and there were many geckos on the wall in the hotel villa.
Perhaps because i had a suitcase on the floor, or when I returned home and opened my suitcase, there were a lot of small insects inside.It was a shock.
Moreover, there was ice in the mango juice which i drank in the restaurant in the airport, and the stomach was put at the end though it was comparatively careful not to drink raw water.The hotel was also equipped with bottled water in the washroom, so it was safe, but you should be careful about raw water.